Wednesday, 23 December 2009

SW Guide Book for SALE

selling an extra copy of the OP Strong World guide book as a friend of mine bought one for me when she went over to Japan a week ago.

the plastic wrapper has been taken off, but rest assured that it is still in mint condition since i haven't had time to look through thoroughly yet.

here's the photo again.

Price: S$23 (local) or USD$16 (international)
Postage: S$5 (local registered mail) or USD$15 (international EMS)

i will be wrapping it in my own plastic just to be safe.

interested parties, please leave your name, email and country of residence in the comments section (NOT cbox) and i will get back to you shortly.

first come first serve.

edited 30/12/2009,
guide book have been sold. ^_^.``

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