Thursday, 18 June 2009

ah ma

i still can't believe she's really gone.

think i'm still in a bit of shock.

maybe cos she had already given us a few scares over the past few years, most recently during feb this year, where she was brought back from the brink of death only by the quick response of mom.

so i never expect that last night would be the last time i see her.

though it may be a little contradicting, since i've been praying fervently for Him to take her home, especially so after she was taken to my uncle's house last dec.

and i was right.

last christmas, i told ruth she probably wouldn't make it past 6 months there.

it was exactly 6 months yesterday.

but i'm still relieved and happy that she has finally gone home to be with the Lord.
no more suffering for her.

to my dear friends,

thanks for all the words of comfort.

really appreciate you for being with me. be it by your presence, or SMSs for those that couldn't make it down for the wake.

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