Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Spring drop-outs

this post will be updated regularly. or as regularly as i'm dropping any series.

last edited on 13/05/2009

4) Hanasakeru Seishonen
despite the fact that i'm a fangirl and would be attracted to any anime that has a huge male harem, this is one boring series. even the appearance of Koyasu-sama voicing as one of the characters wasn't enough.

or maybe it's just going too slow for my liking. i might pick it up a few months later and do a marathon run; maybe with the story finally getting somewhere, it might interest me to continue from there.

3) Basquash!
basketball. mecha. sci-fi. can it work together to form a good series?

apparently not enough. aside from the immense use of boobs (i'm a fangirl, not a fanboy), the plot moved too slowly for my liking. it feels as if Dunk Mask & Co. are being played around by Miss Ultimate Big-Boobs, and have no definite say of their own.

edited on 24/04/2009

2) Shangri-La
the story didn't seemed to be picking up to a point where it might interest me. at ep2 with the lottery scene, it reminded me strongly of The Island, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. this was further proven in ep3 where Mi-ko was shipped off to Atlas only to realize it's not really the "Shangri-La" that everyone hopes for.

the only difference between Shangri-La and The Island is environmental issues versus clones.

1) Pandora Hearts
the first series dropped after 3 episodes. i just couldn't force myself to continue. it just wasn't interesting enough.

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