Saturday, 4 October 2008

Gurren Lagann DVD

i've decided to purchase the Gurren Lagann DVD from ZoomMovie.

the bad thing about watching it on tudou previously was that the quality is just not good enough to justify the show.

so after much deliberation, consideration and careful thoughts, i decided it was best to own my own personal DVD. just so that i can watch the fight scenes in non-fuzzy resolution.

of course, this being my 1st purchase from ZoomMovie, i was praying that i'm not cheated out of my money for low quality DVDs.

thank goodness the DVDs turned out fine.

or, as fine as you can get from Malaysia.


well, at least now, i can enjoy gurren any time of the day, and i don't need to wait for each episode to stream.

PS. loads and loads of new series have been popping up over the Fall season. i could hardly keep up with most of them, and the ones i'm waiting for haven't even started!!

stay tuned for what RR is gonna be busy with over the next 3-6 months...


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