Thursday, 11 September 2008


okie, i'm the ultimate slowpoke.

i just found out from darkmirage's blog that there's gonna be an anime convention in sg on 22-23 Nov!!

Anime Festival Asia. aka AFA08.

check out the official website here. (i'm gonna put it on the sidebar just in case.)

judging by the various local blogs that had covered the press conference last week, it looks to be quite a promising event.

i'm very excited to see who are the other guests, aside from those already mentioned, that will be gracing the event. (yes, anime directors and project managers are important people, but i'm really not that familiar with the background works of anime.)

hopefully, they'll bring in the people i'm more interested in.

for example, well-known seiyuus (Koyasu-sama? Fukuyama Jun?! Miyano Mamoru?!!), or mangakas (Clamp?! Odacchi?!), or maybe even some singers (Sakamoto Maaya? May'n??).

well, one can hope and pray.

i'll definitely be going for at least one day, since admission is cheap too. $5 for 1-day pass, $8 for 2-day pass.

anyone interested??

PS. there will be limited edition mecha and collectibles for sale during the convention. what better way to fill up my new cupboard. ahahaha...

PPS. new cupboard is still "under renovation". will post up some photos once everything is sorted and in place. ^_^.``

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