Friday, 29 February 2008


as usual, this morning as i was hitching a ride from my dad to work, the radio was tuned to FM93.8.

and like any other mornings, i endured it more for dad's sake cos he wants to hear the traffic updates. i mentioned it all the time, but he doesn't believe that other radio stations actually do update more frequently than FM93.8.

anyway, today's Talk Back session was about motorists and the latest news about them being all over the place in the CBD, on the pedestrian walk-ways, how they're being a general pain-in-the-ass on the road, blah blah blah.

general bashing from the callers of how sg authorties should deal with them and the likes, many other complaints, and some suggestions to curb the problems etc etc.

while i don't fancy motorists any more than the average driver, sometimes i just can't help feel that singaporeans really don't make sense at all.

hello, if the motorists are on their motorcycles, what makes you think they're even listening to the radio in the 1st place?

i doubt you can even hear yourself through a helmet talking to the pillar driver, much-less stick an earphone into your ear under the helmet (which seems rather uncomfortable to me) and listen to Talk Back while dodging the nearest car on the expressway.

i refuse to believe that anyone would wanna listen to FM93.8 if it weren't for the news coverage, and somewhat lacking traffic reports.

in reality, the Talk Back sessions only serve its purpose to allow (mostly) ignorant singaporeans to call in, majority of which just sprout nonsense from their mouths, completely with no helpful comments at all.

what crap is that?!

my mission: to make my dad see that he's wasting time on FM93.8 every morning. they don't even give that much traffic reports compared to class95, where they do it every 15min intervals.

or maybe, just maybe, dad gets a kick out of listening in to what other crap singaporeans can come up with.



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