Saturday, 24 November 2007

odex hacked!

just when you think the whole odex situation is starting to cool off, in comes news about the odex website being hacked.

you can probably guessed the reaction of most netizens. (i.e. ultimate glee and celebration)

either it's in response to how BayTSP accidentally sent warning letters to other foreign country users, or the person had already been planning it for ages.

those interested can visit darkmirage's blog for further details here and here.

but i wonder how the hacker thinks he/she is gonna get away with this, since odex has filed a police case to track him/her down.

or, maybe, just maybe, hacker-san is already prepared to go for jail for this. another wait-and-see situation.

man, this whole odex saga is getting uglier and uglier.

onto other happier topics,

i just found a chinese website, similar to youtube and veoh tv, BUT has its anime episodes in chinese subs and is very up-to-date.


the quality is not very good, but at least i'm still getting chinse subs!!


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