Thursday, 18 October 2007

new job

it really feels very good to accomplish one of the resolutions i've made for 2007.

though it came very late seeing that it's already the last quarter of the year, and not to mention that my year-end bonus will be forfeited, i still made to decision to accept the new job.

so starting from 5 Nov 2007, i'll be at my new workplace at biopolis, where i'll be starting an entirely new chapter of work life as a research officer at one of the institutes of A-STAR.

no more shift hours, i'm going to have a normal 5-day work week like regular people, sleep in more on sat, and most importantly, where my weekends wouldn't be affected cos of work.

it is definitely worth giving up my bonus for. not that i wouldn't be feeling the pinch. having bonus at the end of the year is always good, since i always use the money to do a little shopping indulgence. but if i were to reject the new job just so i could get the bonus, i would definitely have regretted it.

and though i feel slightly guilty for leaving at a time where our headcount is very low and almost everyone is overwork, i can't always be thinking about that or i'll never be able to leave cos there'll always be not enough people working.

anyway, things in the lab is not looking very bright too. i'm already anticipating at least another 3 people to leave next year. i'm just the first one to go.

let's see...

*counts calendar days*

2 more weeks to my last day... ^_^.``

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