Monday, 3 September 2007

no more backlogged letters

according to darkmirage's post today, no more backlogged odex letters will be sent out.

Mr. SS wrote in the odex forum that they would not be sending any letters to anyone that stops downloading from 3 Sep onwards. so unless someone continues to do so, they will use the evidence collected before and after said-mentioned date and use it to question and take legal action.

RR's interpretation:

possibly, there is something very wrong with the "evidence" they've collected from 5-6mths ago (probably unable to equate the money amt they're extorting pple for) and they can't use that in their letters now, especially with the PacNet case still not won yet. (which i hope they don't.)


odex finally falls under netizen's peer pressure and is doing as much as possible to try and salvage their business. moreover, they juz revamped their bloody website and they need more than just their employees in the forum boards.

when i went in to check wat SS wrote on the forum board, i'm surprised he didn't get worser backlash. BUT, he did lock the forum thread (abt the backlogged letters) after only 5hrs?? makes u wonder why he need to do that.

not sure what is gonna happen to the people that had already gotten the letter. moo moo, think u have to get ur bro to call odex or something. see if they still wan money.

and i guess this also means i probably will not get the said-mentioned letter.
thank God.

Anime News:
oh my gosh! random curiosity juz posted on ARIA the OVA - ARIETTA, a one episode OVA which they will be releasing on 21 Sep on DVD. i'm planning to get a hold of the DVD once the taiwan version is out.

and, 3rd season of ARIA is airing next yr too! which is juz great cos i love the series. more akira and co..


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