Thursday, 22 February 2007

chinese new year and stephen chow

just as christmas isn't without the Home Alone series, so is chinese new year (CNY) incomplete without a movie or two of Stephen Chow.

i dun think i've ever passed any CNY without watching at least one of his movies.

this year, i managed to catch (once again) Kung Fu Hustle, and one-third portion of Lucky Star, also starring Sammi Cheng.

and it's alittle late to strike me, but i found an uncanny similarity between the landlady from kung fu and sanji!!

the way they always have a cigarette at the side of their lips.

the lighting up of one after a fight.

all so so similar!

here's the comparison to show how even their poses can be similar.
(photo of landlady taken from kung fu hustle official website)


it had me quite amused by the whole thing. i mean, it's not a bad thing since i like the landlady and all, but i never really thought of putting them together until now.

this goes to show how watching a movie many times over can get into your head. =P

PS. oh! i'm going for my long awaited cruise trip this sunday!! WOHOO!!!! 6 meals a day!!!

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