Thursday, 12 October 2006

Fall Anime 2006 Part 1

ok, part one of a very long list...

it'll be too draggy to put all in one entry... plus, i'm not fast enough to come up with a complete list at one go...

Kin-iro no Cordo ~primo passo~
based on a popular RPG game, the story revolves a school music competition. while the female lead is not musically inclined, she is given a magical violin (by a little fairy no less) that allows the user to play it beautifully, and forced to join the competition.

bishonen-galore, the art and character designs are up to standards. lots of shojo moments, and since it's based off a love-stimulation game, focus is not only on the female lead and one male lead since there are a few others to choose from. i am also reading the manga which is currently serializing in LaLa. will definitely be a keeper.

Marginal Prince
another bishonen-filled anime. this time, based off some cell phone dating-simulation game for women. story revolves male lead that is sent overseas to study art in a all-guys' school that is virtually hidden from the world in a small island. enters stories of all the beeyoootiful guys in his school.

not much happened in the 1st episode except for all the character introductions, and plot is still unknown to me. will haf to review more episodes. but given the amount of cute guys, it'll definitely be a keeper for me.

Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~
as all female harem anime, male lead transfers to new school, where he interacts with the girls he meet and of course, falling for the most unreachable one that, of course, every guy already has their eyes on.

ok, this is probably the surprise one in the list. i never expect that i'll like this. given i'm actually getting tired of the female harem routine. not that i dun still watch them, but i'm more into male harem now.

mwahaha, looking at my choices of anime now. my first 2 shows are already male-harem oriented. but this is actually good... will be sticking by this for awhile to see how it turns out.

young exorcist male, together with his fellow exorcists, goes around fighting against the Millennium Earl and his akumas, created from human spirits he captures.

OMG! i'm regretting not read the manga yet, cos this is really good! the 1st episode already had me hooked through and through. although i might be biased since i've juz finished Trinity Blood which has a similiar plot. in fact, i much preferred this to...

Death Note
yes, as much as i prefer D.Gray-man, Death Note still has its draws.
ambitious guy, who wants to be the new "god", sets to bring a new world order as he pens names in a shinigami notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written on it.

what is it with people and complete world domination??

not much to say, cos it's probably one, if not the most, anticipated anime to come out during fall 2006. the 1st episode wasn't as fantastic as i imagined though. well, it's still only episode 1, so things much pick up after that. looking forward to yamaguchi kappei's L character to appear.

fyi, the movie version is due out in sg next week. WOHOO!

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge
4 beautiful bishonens, in order to get free rental on the mansion they live in, takes on the ultimate task, to transform the landlady's niece from ugly hag to beautiful lady. well, technically, the female lead is not ugly, she juz needs alot alot ALOT of work to be done on her. which is where the bishonens comes in.

every season, there is bound to be a few brainless anime that will appeal to closet bimbos like me. this season, the 1st one up is yamato nadeshiko. quite entertaining, and i love all the SD scenes. i'm expecting more laughter as they continue to transform her into a lady.


now for some that i've watched which i think is not worth watching after the 1st episode, and definitely not for keeping... yes, it's just me, so if you like it, that's really just you...

Lovely Idol
this, is a total waste of time. girls trying, struggling to break into the idol world. not much plot. the songs are not as good, and most of the girls are juz plain too weepy. uuggghhh....

it could be also factored to the idol thingy. reminds me too much of the many stupid idol contests. american idol, sg idol, project superstar, star idol, etc. eewww...

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
guy dress up as a girl to attend a girl school. enters lots of other girls literally flinging themselves on him, not knowing that he's in drag.

ok, so this is not Strawberry Panic. but judging from the character designs, it already looks like as a strawberry panic in disguise. even the characters looks similar. i'm not into shojo-ai, so that's probably why i dun like it. even if it is not real shojo-ai to begin with since the lead is in fact a male.

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