Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Dramatic Morning

very long never blog liao. everytime i blog is either i am freaking angry or something big happened. for this entry, something big happened....

okie i should start from the moment i wake up (sorry if i bore u to death, but i am not very good at story telling, especially in the form of writing)

0900 - woke up to go blk 328 prata store with daddy

1030 - finish prata, daddy took bus to alexandar hospital see dentist. i went home to spay pesticides (debug my final yr project)

1140 - daddy called my HP... he juz said hello then say call me back later

1200 - hospital called said daddy had reaction to anethesitic... daddy's heart pumped very fast and felt giddy. OMG, i nearly fainted... they asked me go hospital escort daddy home...

*fast forward (change clothes, went to draw $$ take cab*

-in cab liao-

meow: uncle, alexandar hospital

*cab driver looks at meow meow, puts on sunglasses (acted like very stylo like dat) and start speeding towards the heavy afternoon traffic*

kaoz, he drove freaking fast lor. then cut lanes like nobody's biz. he nearly crashed into a large cargo lorry. i saw the lorry driver showing him middle finger and he juz ignore... hahaha... but thanks to him, i reached AH is less than 20min

-in the hospital-

*meow meow locates dental clinic*

nurse: your dad blah blah (explains my dad's condition and possible cause)

*daddy was still resting, looked pale*

he scared me lor, first time in my life i muz handle this kinda thingy alone

i muz compliment AH for having very caring healthcare workers. my special thanks to nurse leow and dr tina. they showed genuine conceern for my dad, helped us with the administrative work and escorted us to the taxi stand... they are wonderful....

after that is the boring stuff liao. reached home, went to buy lunch for daddy blah blah blah....

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